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Casting Call for Performers:
Thursday, February 23th at 4:00. Rosy Mound Elementary

  • All performers MUST ATTEND Casting Call and be Performance Ready!
  • Announcers do not need to attend the Casting Call at Rosy.
  • The order of performers will be listed the day of outside of the teachers lounge and library
  • Wear full costumes as performers will be the night of the show
  • Bring all necessary props
  • Bring Cut Music that can be played via IPod, Phone, or CD for the Casting Call at Rosy Mound. If music is edited, please email a copy of the edited music to
  • Bring the name and version/singer of your selected song. We will purchase and edit the song for the final cut music. We request a donation of $2 towards the purchase of the music. A donation bucket will be located at the Casting Call.

Announcers and Meeting Times:

  • Announcers will be contacted at school and meet during recess time to create scripts
  • The announcers will decide together the outfits that will emphasize the theme
  • Announcers are require to attend Dress Rehearsal and the Final Show.


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