Online Registration

Rosy Mound Performers Requirements

    • Registration will ONLY be accepted if completed online by February 10th, 2017.
    • Please spell all student names correctly. Student info will be used to create the program.
    • Each student may only be in one group act, but can be in two performances total (a single and group act).
    • No two performances/music will be alike. The first registrant will be given priority.
    • 4th Grade Students MUST CHOOSE to be a performer or announcer. They can not do both.
    • Performances are NOT allowed to have any inappropriate lyrics, themes, or gestures.
    • All performers  MUST ATTEND Rosy Rehearsal & White Pines Middle School.
    • Classroom acts are the only exception. They do not perform at Rosy Rehearsal or White Pine Rehearsal.
    • Bring Cut Music that can be played via IPod, Phone, or CD for the Casting Call at Rosy Mound.
    • You must come prepared and ready to perform at the Casting Call at Rosy Mound.
    • Bring the name and version/singer of your selected song. We will purchase and edit the song for the final cut music. We request a donation of $2 towards the purchase of the music. A donation bucket will be located at the Casting Call.
    • Each performance must be between 2:00 and 2:30 minutes long.
    • Please keep an extra copy of the music to practice.

4th Grade Announcers Requirements

  • Announcers must currently be a 4th Grade Student at Rosy Mound Elementary.
  • If a student is in a performance act, you can NOT be an announcer.
  • 4th Grade Announcers do NOT need to attend the Casting Call at Rosy Mound.
  • The 4th grade announcers MUST attend the entire Dress Rehearsal at White Pines Middle School.
  • Announcers may be requested to provide their own Variety Show theme-based costumes.


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